Threatpoint Bio

Threatpoint is a Thrash/Groove Metal band based out of Scranton, Pennsylvania formed March 4, 2012. Chris James (vocals/guitar), Alex Olivetti (guitars/backing vocals), Matthew Van Fleet (bass/backing vocals) & CJ Krukowski (drums).

Threatpoint has 4 full length albums, an acoustic disc and hundreds of shows coast to coast in the United States, Threatpoint vows to not be taken lightly. Delivering a high energy show every single night they hit the stage. Threatpoint is a must see for any metalhead.

Tastefully drawing from a diverse spectrum of influences, all of the members have strong writing skills and creative input. You will hear remnants of Classic Rock, Power Metal, Thrash Metal and straight up Hard Rock. On an occasion you can find a sprinkle of Death Metal and European influence within their musical smorgasbord.

Still searching for a label to extend their helping hand Threatpoint drives on full speed ahead on their own strength and dollar flooding the underground music scene. 

Threatpoint is managed by Yvonne Loveland CEO of Voodoo Queen Management based out of Chicago,IL.

Chris James Bio

Chris started playing guitar around 15 years old. He grew up around music " there was always music on in the house, Mom always had something jamming, especially The Doors".

He started out with lessons and then quit. "Lessons weren't moving fast enough". So, onto books and VHS tapes.

Listening to music was a journey, starting big with The Doors, into Iron Maiden and Judas Priest to Megadeth, straight into his all time favorite Testament! Years of in and out of bands, he gave up for over 10 years. Struggling with alcohol and drug abuse it was time to get away...
Fast forward, new age, new music, new era... along comes Godsmack, Disturbed and nu-metal, he played in a few bands in New York and then moved back to Pennsylvania to form Dropveil, a hard rock/metal band. It was a learning curve and a stepping stone just like the rest of life.

After playing around the northeastern United States w many national acts... it folded, we won't get into that. After the demise of Dropveil, he got a phone call from a buddy about Temptation Denied that folded. They played a lot of shows together so that barrier of unknowing was already down.

March 4th 2012 we sat down together and agreed to get together. Our first days we were known as Sixfist, however from hard rock they took Chris back to his roots, and everything got faster and more aggressive.

Already listening to modern bands like Demon Hunter, Devildriver, Throwdown and of course still Testament... Threatpoint was formed, a heavy groove metal machine. " This is the band I've always wanted to play in. I'm in my element, finally"!

C.J. Krukowski Bio

Always into music since birth, CJ was a late comer to drums, starting when he was a senior in high-school.

After a failed guitar playing experience, a high-school friend had a drum-set and let him play it once in awhile, reeling him in. The amount of noise he made without not having any particular skill impressed him and he soon bought an older used set and quickly played by himself for months on end trying to get his basic coordination down, along with just being able to hold a simple groove.

Being very much into thrash metal, he listened to alot of Metallica and Megadeth and attempted to play along with it, trying to ready himself for playing with a band.

Through the years, he's jammed with many friends and music lovers, honing in on his craft even more.

"Being able to play with other musicians will only make you a better player. It forces you to get better. You've got to learn to be able to adapt to other players' style and skill" he says of the experience.

Fast forward a few years of playing with other musicians and failed attempts at bands, CJ and Matt Gosselin formed Temptation Denied in 2009, which was rounded out with Sam Young and Alex Olivetti. The group was around for two and a half years, playing many shows and meeting many bands, friends and fans along the way.

"Temptation Denied was everything to me. It was my real first band, so I'll always hold it very dear."

The band folded in January of 2012.

A fellow band that Temptaion Denied used to open for (Dropveil) was also broken up and a mutual friend of Chris' and CJ's hooked them up and got them talking about maybe starting up a project together.

"I thought it was a joke. He texted me the day after me and Alex worked on an ad for a singer... we didn't even have it posted yet. The timing is unreal!" he says of Chris contacting him.

March 4, 2012 it all came together, with the two sides agreeing on starting another band. From then on, nobody's looked back...

Alex Olivetti Bio

 Alex's introduction to playing music came at the age of nine when he picked up his fathers' acoustic/electric guitar for the first time. After a couple months of lessons from his father he lost interest.

He picked up the instrument again when he was thirteen and started jamming with a couple of friends. He has since played in local metal acts such as Powerslave, The Great Gamble, and Temptation Denied (which included fellow Threatpoint bandmate C.J. Krukowski). During his time in Temptation Denied he was introduced to Chris James of Dropveil with whom they've shared the stage with many times.

Following the break-up of both bands, they were reacquainted by a mutual friend and agreed to start a new band, which is known today as Threatpoint. Pulling from the various metal styles of his previous outings as well as his experience in playing in pop/rock/blues cover bands, Alex is looking to incorporate all of these different styles into his songwriting and lead playing to create music that listeners of all styles can appreciate.

Some of Alex's favorite bands include Sevendust, Pantera, Killswitch Engage, Metallica, Lamb of God, Trivium, Shadows Fall, and Testament. His main influences as a guitar player are Paul Gilbert, Alex Skolnick, Dimebag Darrel, and of course his father for the initial interest in the guitar, music, and his teachings and even a special thanks to his mother for putting up with the shenanigans for the past decade.